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Securing the edge in a world of IoT and cloud

Edge computing, or the analysis of data and development of solutions at the site where it is generated, is bringing the power of the cloud to mobile and IoT devices and is being used by businesses to create smarter buildings, cities, workspaces, retail experiences, among many other applications.


EDSFF in action: Flash storage capacity like you’ve never seen

New form factors are massively disruptive to established ecosystems. They require changes at every turn. Fortunately, Supermicro already had a 1U server designed for Intel’s ruler form factor, so when EDSFF was finalized with very slight modifications, it didn’t take long for Supermicro to tweak the connectors and officially support EDSFF as well. 


Nvidia Reveals EGX Edge Supercomputing Platform For AI, IoT And 5G

Nvidia's EGX platform comes with frameworks and software development kits for a variety of verticals, including smart cities, manufacturing, healthcare and retail. The platform is supported by more than 20 validated servers from Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lenovo, QCT and Supermicro.