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Supermicro Cloud-Defined Storage Solutions

Partner Solutions

Supermicro and Nebulon partner together to deliver a cyber-resilient cloud operating platform to MSPs, CSPs and customer data centers. Nebulon cyber-resilient smartInfrastructure delivers the benefits and agility of the public cloud experience, on-premises from core to edge for any application — containerized, virtualized or bare metal. Key Nebulon solutions include TimeJump, ImmutableBoot, smartEdge and smartIaaS.

Supermicro, in collaboration with Quantum ActiveScale, enables customers to deploy any targeted size of Data Lake with great flexibility and scalability. Supermicro offers a fully integrated, pre-tested, tuned, and racked solution, built explicitly for ActiveScale patented Object Storage technologies to help organizations to easily transition from their legacy storage to Object Storage plaftforms.