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Building Blocks for All Types of Clouds

The cloud infrastructure required to support today’s ubiquitous public clouds, SaaS applications, and hybrid IT services provides the backbone of IT infrastructure and is continuing to grow. The growth of data located in the cloud has continued to accelerate, compounded by the adoption of the latest in 5G, IoT, and AI advancements.

Cloud computing has evolved from simple IaaS based on VMs, to PaaS, and now towards a microservices paradigm based on containers often used together with a DevOps software development process. Kubernetes is at the heart of containers and hybrid cloud, together with many other open source tools to enable true cloud-native deployments.

Supermicro servers and storage systems have long been used in large-scale clouds worldwide. Supermicro offers the broadest range of cloud-scale products in the industry, designed to provide the highest performance, maximum density, and efficient scalability regardless of cloud architecture. With our focus on Resource Savings you can achieve lower PUE in your data center while also reducing acquisition costs and E-waste.

Hybrid cloud solutions from Supermicro and our open source partners provide Kubernetes and OpenStack together, as well as Red Hat OpenShift, with the ability to run containers and VMs on-premises and/or off-premises in the public cloud of your choice.

Cloud Service Provider Scalability

  • Disaggregated blade platforms based on an industry-leading Resource-Saving Architecture provide maximum density and multi-generational upgradeability
  • Systems optimized for AI accelerators to address cloud-based Training, Inferencing and Analytics
  • Deep experience with virtualization and container solutions
  • Rack Scale Design (RSD) to manage disaggregated cloud resources at scale with industry standard Redfish APIs

Enterprise Flexibility

  • A portfolio of rackmount servers including NVMe or hybrid storage to optimize cloud infrastructure to your needs
  • Multi-node Twin architecture increases rack density with shared power and cooling to reduce TCO and PUE
  • Twin and rackmount servers optimized for HCI supporting Hybrid Cloud deployments

Optimized for Software Defined

  • 1U Petascale storage based on high-performance NVMe drives provides the ultimate in IOPS and capacity for hot tiers of storage
  • Modular 60/90 bay Top Loading storage or 1U 12 HDD storage provide maximum density and capacity for cold tiers of storage
  • Open Networking “bare metal” Ethernet switches supporting a variety of SDN options provide choice in networking

Why Supermicro for On-Prem Data Centers

Data centers have become the primary repository for corporate data. While the location of data and the associated storage and computing capabilities may vary, many organizations, for various reasons, are implementing a cloud-based data center within their “four walls.” Supermicro servers and storage systems are ideal for creating an on-premise cloud.

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Open Clouds

Open clouds allow for a wide range of both hardware and software choices compared to clouds that are created and maintained by external organizations.

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Mission Critical Server Solutions

Supermicro’s Comprehensive Server, Storage and Networking Product Lines Optimized for IT, Data Center, Embedded, HPC and Cloud Computing

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Storage Systems

Optimize Your Cloud, AI, and 5G Infrastructure with the Industry's Broadest Portfolio of All-Flash NVMe, Top-Loading, and High-Density Storage Systems

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Rack Integration At Cloud Scale

Take the complexity out of Cloud infrastructure. Optimize your Cloud deployments by working together with Supermicro to specify and design exactly what you need. Next, Supermicro will fully integrate and test multiple racks in our integration center, prepare for shipping, and finally deploy in your data center.

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