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Leverage Supermicro’s Management Software Suite to Meet Your IT Infrastructure Challenges

With a comprehensive range of high-end software solutions, Supermicro gives IT administrators the tools to optimize the management of IT systems and increase the utilization of computing and storage infrastructure. Whether you are looking to manage individual systems, optimize server lifecycle processes, or streamline operations for an entire data center, Supermicro has the right software to help you accomplish your goals.


  • Obtain valuable insights in your infrastructure
  • Monitor the health of servers and critical components
  • Get proactive alerts


  • Maintain system uptime to meet SLAs
  • Early symptom detection to prevent component failure
  • Remote management and troubleshooting


  • Protect your IT infrastructure from external threats
  • Centralized patch and BIOS management
  • Extensive security features
System Management Software Suite Bundles

Supermicro’s System Management Software Suite consists of a set of specialized applications. These are available in the following bundles.

Covers all core functionality to effectively set up, manage, and monitor your Supermicro systems. These features are available to all Supermicro users.
Extends the core functionality and makes system management easier with additional features, such as remote BIOS management and system updates.
Delivers a broad set of tools to help administrators improve the performance, up-time, and monitoring of Supermicro systems.
Offers an extensive platform to manage large data centers and coordinate automated lifecycle management, software-defined infrastructure, and more in a single pane of glass.
No license required
Key features(1)
  • Secure remote console (KVM/HTML5)
  • System temperature monitoring
  • System power thresholds & alerts
  • Component monitoring
  • Email alerting
  • Remote configuration
  • Offline diagnostics
  • Crash dump
  • License management
  • Remote BMC management
  • Remote BIOS management
  • Out-of-Band systems checks
  • TPM Provisioning
  • Mount/Unmount ISO images from Samba/HTTP
  • Basic Redfish APIs
  • CIM management
  • SysLog
  • Remote OS deployment
  • Auto-discovery
  • Power capping
  • RAID monitoring and configuration
  • HDD monitoring
  • Advanced Redfish APIs
  • FW update policy
  • System lock down
  • Crash screen/video capture
  • 3rd Party vendor support
  • POD & Rack-level management
  • SDI Lifecycle management
  • Manage Composable Dissagregated Infrastructure
  • Zero-touch provisioning for network configuration
  • Single pane of glass for data center deployment
  • Rich analytics & telemetry
  • User defined role-based access control
  1. (1) All features listed are for validated components only. Exceptions may apply.
  2. (2) Service Call Feature for SSM and SUM requires separate add-on license.
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