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Rack Scale Plug and Play Solutions deliver Pre-Defined and Pre-Validated Racks, Optimized for an Array of Workloads

Our team has the confidence, flexibility, and expertise to handle all phases of your data center integration project. From requirements gathering to the delivery of a turn-key solution – and all phases in between - you can rely on Supermicro Rack Integration Services as your central resource for project success. With our extensive portfolio of server, storage, switch and rack products, we can provide a wide range of solutions with a focus on customer satisfaction, quality, and energy efficiency. Our global footprint, dedicated and skilled professionals, and integrated supply-chain will ensure you get what you need, when you need it, no matter where in the world you are.

Supermicro Rack Integration Services provides a “one-stop-shop” for your data center needs

Optimized and Lab Tested Components for Superior Performance

Turn-Key Data Center
Accelerate Your Deployment
Professional Rack Level Design
Validation and Benchmarking
Optimized and Lab Tested Components for Superior Performance
  • Server
  • Storage
  • Network
  • Software
  • Cabling
  • Power and Cooling
  • Testing
  • Benchmarking
  • Full Rack Burn-in

Minimize your costs associated when deploying CLOUD cluster.

  • Factory integrated and fully tested cluster is delivered
  • Hardware and software is installed and configured to your specifications
  • No time wasted with DOA/RMA

Deploy our factory integrated and tested CLOUD cluster expediently.

  • L11/L12 testing (multiple racks simultaneously) ensures networking is operational and optimized
  • Increase reliability by triggering and triaging early component failures through customizable strenuous burn-in tests
  • 3rd party hardware installed and tested

Save on power with factory-tuned power density.

  • Power budget of all servers are carefully estimated and not exceeding their designed thresholds of their high efficiency PSU
  • Per bank of PDU power consumptions are balanced among the phases
  • Expert design and recommendations regarding specific configurations for your workloads

Manage your assets with the integration of servers, storage, switches, and software.

  • Work with your asset management team and determine an acceptable format to receive your new purchase
  • Barcodes, RFID, or other formats that addresses your asset management needs

Work with our experts to optimize your IT environment for your CLOUD operations.

  • Select the right platform, components, and peripherals for your custom workloads
  • Get the highest reliability for cloud operations starts with expert design and implementation knowledge
  • Design for Excellence; Performance benchmarks for your specific needs

Customized to meet your COLO requirements.

  • The final assembly will meet every requirement from your COLO provider
  • Weight, physical dimensions, cold/hot aisle separation… etc.
Working with Supermicro Experts
Validate your Solution
Proof of Concept
Optimize for Success
Design Workshop
Understand and Learn
Technical Deep Dive
Confidence in the Solution
Cloud/Testing Expertise
Supermicro’s Rack Integration Process

Supermicro SC21 TECHTalk with IDC – Delivering Rack Plug & Play Total IT Solutions for HPC

Presented by:

  • Winston Tang, Sr. Director, Solutions Engineering, Supermicro
  • Peter Rutten, Research Director, Infrastructure Systems, IDC
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Osaka University – SQUID

Cooling Type – Liquid to Liquid (Direct Liquid Cooling)

Read More About Osaka University and Supermicro Servers

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory “Ruby”

Cooling Type – Liquid to Liquid (Direct Liquid Cooling)

Press Release: Supermicro Scalable Liquid-Cooled Supercomputing Cluster Deployed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for COVID-19 Research

“One of the requirements for the fast deployment of the expanded Corona HPC system was that the vendor was able to deliver an integrated and tested rack of servers. This requirement was necessary to offer these new capabilities quickly to our worldwide community of COVID-19 researchers. Supermicro was able to deliver the state-of-the-art servers quickly, but also tested at the rack level.”

Trent D’Hooge, deputy division leader for operations, Livermore Computing
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Supermicro Liquid Cooling Solutions

Liquid Cooling setup