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Supermicro Software Defined Storage Solutions

The storage landscape is evolving from premium priced proprietary hardware and software solutions to open industry standard hardware and the benefits are significant: reduced vendor lock-in, significantly open innovation with new technologies like all NVMe solutions. Supermicro's extensive storage platform of choice for leading storage vendors and major hyperscale datacenters.

Supermicro delivers significant benefits to Software Defined Storage Solutions:

  1. Maximum Efficiency – High capacity 1U-4U form factors. Leading the industry with up 95% efficient Platinum level power supplies
  2. Maximum Performance and expandability – All NVMe support with hybrid expander and delivering up to 20 GB/s throughput
  3. Mission Critical Reliability – Capable of fully redundant and fault-tolerant operation with supplies, fans and redundant serverboards with remote management
  4. Proven Compatibility – Lab validated hardware configurations optimized for high duty cycles workloads

Scale-out Storage Solutions

Red Hat logo

Supermicro leads the industry in user friendly options for the toughest IT challenges. Ceph Ready systems and racks offer a bare metal solution ready for both the open source community and validated through intensive testing under Red Hat Ceph Storage.

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SUSE logo

Supermicro and SUSE together deliver an industry-leading, cost-efficient, scalable software defined storage solution powered by Ceph technology. SUSE Enterprise Storage provides unified object, block and file storage designed with unlimited scalability from terabytes to petabytes, with no single points of failure on the data path.

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Nexenta logo

Supermicro-Nexenta storage solutions are a series of optimized reference architectures (RA) based on Supermicro's industry leading server hardware and Nexenta's, innovative Software Defined Storage platform

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VMware logo

Supermicro's vSAN ReadyNodes™ have been created to focus on getting a simple hypervisor-converged storage cluster up and running as quickly as possible.

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Scality logo

Supermicro Scality RING Solutions offer enterprise-ready object and file storage with automated data durability levels using erasure code data protection and geo-replication multi-site data management capabilities. Cost-effective and independently scalable, Supermicro Scality RING Solutions delivers hybrid-cloud functionality with software defined flexibility.

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Windows Server 2019 logo

Supermicro is now offering Microsoft Azure Stack HCI solutions that are built on Supermicro's industry leading All-NVMe/Hybrid systems and Microsoft’s latest Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) features in Windows Server 2019.

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Excelero Logo

Excelero delivers low-latency distributed software-defined block storage for large web-scale and enterprise applications. Excelero's NVMesh enables shared NVMe across any network, and supports any local or distributed file system. Leveraging Supermicro high-end servers, Excelero NVMesh solutions provide customers with the fastest storage performance and best user experience.

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WekaIO Logo

Supermicro and WekaIO together deliver maximum storage performance at any scale for your most extreme demands. With Weka’s shared and parallel file system running on Supermicro’s BigTwin™ and Ultra hardware platform, we proudly give you the highest throughput and ultra-low latency at Exabyte scale.

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