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Supermicro® OSNEXUS Software-Defined Storage Solution

QuantaStor™, a simplified scale-up and scale-out software-defined storage solution for files, blocks, and objects

Solution Overview

With rapid growth of business activities and transactions, exponential data growth brings more IT challenges to organizations. How does an IT organization effectively and efficiently deploy a storage solution, manage and maintain multiple non-integrated clusters, and access data faster and turn it into useful insight meanwhile without exceeding tight IT budgets? This has become a critical concern that organizations care about, to which Supermicro and OSNEXUS offer a compelling solution.

Today Supermicro and OENEXUS offer an integrated file, block, and object storage solution that can easily scale-up and scale-out, and unifies security enforcement and storage management across clusters and sites, to help organizations overcome these critical challenges.

QuantaStor diagram
OSNEXUS QuantaStor

Solution Features

OSNEXUS’s QuantaStor delivers both scale-up and scale-out in a single platform and offers unified file, block, and object storage. Its Storage Grid Technology greatly reduces the complexity of cluster management by combining storage appliances together across public and private clouds to manage all of the components as one.

Storage Grid Technology

Storage Grid Technology

Built-in to the platform and unified management of QuantaStor storage servers and clusters across racks, sites, and clouds.
Unified File, Block & Object

Unified File, Block & Object

All major storage protocols are supported including NFS/SMB, iSCSI/FC, and S3.
End-to-End Security

End-to-End Security

IT Advanced RBAC, end-to-end encryption support, and compliance with NIST 800-53, 800-171, HIPAA & CJIS.


The broadest hardware portfolio and deep hardware integration
Built on an Open Storage Foundation

Built on an Open Storage Foundation

QuantaStor is integrated with enterprise-grade open storage technologies (Ceph & ZFS).

Use Cases

IT Services

IT Services

Virtualization, Databases


High-Performance Block Storage and Remote Replication
Finance & Insurance

Finance & Insurance

Long Term Archive, Data Lakes


Biology/Microscopy, Physics/Astronomy Departments


Media Editing, Archive


Dynamic Deployment on Commodity Hardware


PACS Images, Data Lakes
GOV / Defense Industry

GOV / Defense Industry

Supermicro-OSNEXUS Scale-Out & Scale-Up Configurator

With deep hardware integration with QuantaStor, Supermicro offers the broadest product portfolio that provides customers more flexibility to choose ones that fit their needs best. Together with OSNEXUS, we deliver a unified file, block, and object storage solution that not only simplifies the cluster management at scale but reduces the total cost of ownership.

Supermicro-QuantaStor Scale-out Storage Cluster – SAN/NAS & S3

Supermicro-QuantaStor Scale-up Storage Cluster – SAN/NAS

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Certified Servers and JBODs for Supermicro-OSNEXUS Reference Architecture


Image Server SKU Description
SYS-220BT-HNTR SYS-220BT-HNTR 2U X12 4-node BigTwin®
AS -2114S-WN24RT AS -2114S-WN24RT 2U H12 single-processor 24-NVMe A+ WIO Server
SSG-6049SP-E1CR60 SSG-6049SP-E1CR60 4U X11 1-node 60-bay top-loading SuperStorage
SSG-6049SP-E1CR90 SSG-6049SP-E1CR90 4U X11 1-node 90-bay top-loading SuperStorage
SSG-6049SP-DE1CR60 SSG-6049SP-DE1CR60 4U X11 2-node 60-bay top-loading SuperStorage (30 drives/node)
SSG-6049SP-DE1CR90 SSG-6049SP-DE1CR90 4U X11 2-node 90-bay top-loading SuperStorage (45 drives/node)
SYS-2029U-TN24R4T SYS-2029U-TN24R4T 2U X11 24-NVMe Ultra SuperServer
SSG-1029P-NEL32R SSG-1029P-NEL32R 1U X11 Petascale 24-bay E1.L SuperStorage
SSG-1029P-NES32R SSG-1029P-NES32R 1U X11 Petascale 24-bay E1.S SuperStorage
SSG-6029P-E1CR12H SSG-6029P-E1CR12H 2U X11 12x 3.5" general-purpose SuperStorage
SSG-6049P-E1CR36H SSG-6049P-E1CR36H 4U X11 36-bay double-sided SuperStorage
SSG-6049P-E1CR45H SSG-6049P-E1CR45H 4U X11 45-bay top-loading SuperStorage
SSG-6049P-E1CR60H SSG-6049P-E1CR60H 4U X11 60-bay top-loading SuperStorage
SSG-6049P-E1CR24L SSG-6049P-E1CR24L 4U X11 24x 3.5" general-purpose SuperStorage


Image Headnode Server SKU Description
SYS-120C-TN10R SYS-120C-TN10R 1U X12 10x 2.5" CloudDC SuperServer
SYS-620C-TN12R SYS-620C-TN12R 2U X12 12x 3.5" CloudDC SuperServer
SYS-610U-TNR SYS-610U-TNR 1U X12 4x 3.5" Ultra SuperServer
SYS-620U-TNR SYS-620U-TNR 2U X12 12x 3.5" Ultra SuperServer
SYS-220U-MTNR SYS-220U-MTNR 2U X12 Ultra-E Edge Server
SSG-6049SP-DE2CR60 SSG-6049SP-DE2CR60 4U X11 2-node 60-bay top-loading SuperStorage with Enterprise High Availability (SBB) Architecture, shared storage, fully redundant
SSG-6049SP-DE2CR90 SSG-6049SP-DE2CR90 4U X11 2-node 90-bay top-loading SuperStorage with Enterprise High Availability (SBB) Architecture, shared storage, fully redundant
SSG-6029P-E1CR12H/L SSG-6029P-E1CR12H
2U X11 12x 3.5" general-purpose SuperStorage
SSG-2029P-E1CR24H/L SSG-2029P-E1CR24H
2U X11 24x 2.5" general-purpose SuperStorage
SSG-2029P-DN2R24L SSG-2029P-DN2R24L 2U X11 2-Node Storage Bridge Bay, 24 NVMe per node
Image JBOD SKU Description
CSE-947HE2C-R2K05JBOD CSE-947HE2C-R2K05JBOD 4U 90-bay top-loading JBOD with dual-path enclosure
CSE-946ED-R2KJBOD CSE-946ED-R2KJBOD 4U 90-bay top-loading JBOD
CSE-946SE2C-R1K66JBOD CSE-946SE2C-R1K66JBOD 4U 60-bay top-loading JBOD
CSE-847E2C-R1K23JBOD CSE-847E2C-R1K23JBOD 4U 44x 3.5" double-sided JBOD
CSE-216BE2C-R609JBOD CSE-216BE2C-R609JBOD 2U 24x 2.5" JBOD
CSE-846BE2C-R1K03JBOD CSE-846BE2C-R1K03JBOD 4U 24x 3.5" JBOD
CSE-826 Series JBOD CSE-826BE1C-R609JBOD
2U 12x 3.5" JBOD

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